Our Story

Welcome beautiful!
Heart Coherent World was founded in 2021 on a mission to spread positivity, kindness, love, and peace all around the world. We are a small t-shirt and accessory company emphasizing all the good vibes. We cater mostly to women, but some of our t-shirts are gender neutral. As Heart Coherent World continues to grow, we hope to offer a separate men's collection.
Our expansive selection of women's graphic t-shirts include tees with messages of empowerment, positive affirmations, spiritual growth, truth, and love. Our shirts encompass a diverse range of styles, ranging from captivating '70s retro vibes to enchanting witchy aesthetics, and even embracing the simplicity of minimalistic charm.
We are based in Houston, TX and currently ship to the US only.
Our Founder
Founder Ashley Barta dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur since her high school years. Once her spiritual journey started in 2018, she came up with the idea of 'Heart Coherent World' after reading one of Dr. Joe Dispenza's books - Becoming Supernatural, which discusses "heart coherence".
The first time Ashley practiced a "heart coherence" guided meditation, she was hooked. She had never felt anything like that before; she was overwhelmed with a sense of love for everyone and everything in the world and universe. She had a different, loving perspective on life, and she grew to appreciate things more and see the beauty in everything. She also came to realization that everything happens for a reason.
What exactly does "heart coherent" mean?
According to HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty: “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation. It is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes.” HeartMath also states, "One of the simplest and quickest paths to personal heart coherence is through the intentional self-generation of positive feelings such as compassion, care, love and other renewing types of emotions".
Meditation is a great way to get into this beautiful "heart coherent" state of mind. We recommend searching for "heart coherence meditations" online so you can try it out yourself.
Our Vision
Heart Coherent World strives to:
  • Educate humanity on 'heart coherence'
  • Promote love, kindness, spirituality, positivity, freedom, and peace
  • Provide 100% eco-friendly products within the next 2 years, as well as 100% compostable packaging because we care about our planet. Earth is our home and we should treat her with respect!
We hope you will join us in creating a more heart coherent world, and spread awareness to those around you.
If you're on Instagram, please follow us on our journey @heart.coherent.world.